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What we think, we become

Kat Kinnie's Blog

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“Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Suffering follows an evil thought as the wheels of a cart follow the oxen that draws it.
Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves.”

– Buddha –

It’s a pretty simple one today. It’s very easy to fill our heads with bad things, worry, sadness, fear, anxiety, nervousness, anger, pain and hatred, especially as a result of watching or reading the news everyday or scanning our day for all the bad things happening in the world and around us.

It is equally as easy to fill our heads with peace, love, joy, happiness, warmth, kindness, compassion and empathy. Essentially it boils down to what we want to think and feel in every moment.

I choose to look for the silver linings, to…

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Parenting – what matters most?

Ross Mountney's Notebook

It does all end, you know; the night feeds, the nasty nappies and poo and piles in places you’d rather they weren’t. Plus the fading opportunity to sit still for five seconds without worrying that the kids have gone suspiciously quiet.

It feels like it will be forever, those sticky chins, soggy faces pressed in your neck and an adoration that is always yours simply because you’re mum.

But of course it isn’t. And you don’t really get that till twenty years or so have passed, when you have to work harder for your adoration and you suddenly appreciate those gems of parenthood collectively because they’ve moved on by.

As I pass into this new phase of parent-to-adults – well; more best friends really – I wonder what I would say to those of you at the beginning of your parenting life?

Like others before me, I could say it’s…

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New Study Focuses On Light Drinking During Pregnancy

CBS Baltimore

PITTSBURGH (CBS) — New research suggests that light drinking during pregnancy may not be harmful to the child later on in life.

First-time mom Sara Little made sure to eat a balanced diet while she was pregnant with baby Aryn. The 31-year-old mom would also have an occasional drink.

“I had a glass of wine, once every month, once every six weeks just to enjoy with friends or relax,” said Little.

A new study suggests a little alcohol isn’t harmful to a child’s development.

Researchers in England compared 10,000 seven year olds. A quarter had mothers who drank lightly while pregnant. The other mothers didn’t drink.

“We looked at children’s social and emotional and intellectual development,” said Yvonne Kelly, the co-author of the study. “We found no differences in terms of harmful effects.”

Heavy alcohol consumption during pregnancy has long been linked to health and developmental problems in children. Researchers…

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Four Ways To Better Praise Your Children

CBS Baltimore

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — From the moment they’re born, parents want the best for their kids — helping guide, teach and encourage them as they grow.

One way parents do that is with words, especially praise. But is all praise good praise? There was a test conducted to find out.

Nine upper elementary schools volunteered to be part of the study, led by Kristin Schaffner, who’s getting her PhD in school psychology, and works with children at a child development center.

Schaffner gave each child a puzzle to solve, working with each of them individually.

For half of the children, she praised them for their intelligence, saying things like, “I can just tell you are a really smart kid.”

The other half, she praised for their effort, saying words like, “I can tell you’re really trying your best and working hard.”

After each child tried an easy and then a challenging…

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